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Clean Energy Advisory


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Latest News

    • Technical assistance to develop the Energy Africa Compact for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia 2016-2017: Develop the Compacts for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia in close consultation with the Ministry and other energy sector stakeholders, with focus on priority policy actions government can take to stimulate the household solar market.
    • Market assessment of modern off-grid lighting in Somalia and Somaliland 2016: Market assessment of small-scale solar supply chains as preparation for the Lighting Africa programme design.
    • Powering Agriculture - 2015-2017: Providing end-to-end cost-effective, low-risk renewable energy generation and energy efficiency services to flower and horticulture farms in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. These services are structured to minimize the up-front investment required by farmers. A mixed technology approach will allow flexibility in designing energy systems tailored for each user.
    • Health Sector Energy Needs Assessments - Energy for Women's and Children's Health (UN Foundation) - 2015-2016: Energy needs assessments for fifty (50) healthcare facilities to inform the type and design of appropriate energy systems in Tanzania. Continuation of a 2-year project to conduct assessments and provide energy system designs for 300 facilities in 4 countries.

On the Lookout

ASD believes in a multi-faceted approach to stimulating the shift to renewable forms of energy. Smart policy, financial incentives, consumer and investor awareness and international business investment will play key roles in uptake of renewables.

ASD has been a pioneer in laying the foundations for renewables growth in the region. Our staff and associates have decades of experience in the East African energy sector, and have developed over the years an unmatched network of contacts within the energy, rural electrification and development sectors.

ASD's on-the-ground engineering and commercial work (see our "Engineered Solutions" page) gives us a day-to-day view of the challenges and opportunities in the sector – and ensures that our Clean Energy Advisory support is rooted in practical understanding.

We offer our private, government, donor and financial clients support on:

Policy development & governance
- Business modeling and commercial feasibility
- Energy access
- Rural electrification
- Community development
- Market and value chain analysis
- Energy financing
- Technical capacity building to technicians, trainers, community leaders, policy-makers and others
- Project management
- Strategic planning
- And more.

We welcome your questions and look forward to working with you toward a greener energy future.